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At the Disneyland Half Marathon, our first, in 2012.
At the Disneyland Half Marathon, our first, in 2012.

Welcome to our blog! Those of you who know us know that Will and I (Carla) love to do fun things and try new things and travel and explore. Over the past five years together, we’ve done things like snowboarded on Big Bear’s Snow Summit, zip lined on Catalina island, learned to ride motorcycles, raced Lamborghinis and Indy cars, gone scuba diving off the coast of Belize, kayaked at night to one of Puerto Rico’s bioluminescent bays, ridden a Harley from Los Angeles to the Grand Canyon, gotten muddy and bruised in the Spartan Race and Tough Mudder, run half marathons and marathons, and traveled to places like Hong Kong. And that doesn’t include Will’s work travels to Brazil, Norway, China, England, and other countries during that time.

We both agree that new adventures are better experienced with someone special by your side. We’ve been doing it as boyfriend and girlfriend for five years, and now we’re doing it as husband and wife. (Yay to finally getting married in 2014!)

Little did we know that just a few months into married life we’d be off on another adventure – packing up and moving to Seoul, South Korea, for six months. So I figured it’s about time we started a blog to share some of these special moments with family, friends, and any other curious cats. Hope you enjoy 🙂

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Traveling, exploring, experiencing new things. It's what we do. Read about our 7 months living in Seoul, South Korea, our travels across Southeast Asia, the United States and more.

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