The Dating Years: Snowboarding in Southern California

I’m an island girl, born and raised on a Caribbean island. So as of my mid 20s, I had never gone skiing or snowboarding, nor did I really have any intention of ever doing so. Going down a mountain at high speeds? In the cold? No, thanks.

Of course, that changed when I met Will. In January 2010, we went snowboarding at Snow Summit, a mountain resort in Big Bear Lake, California, with our friend Ron.



I don’t remember much about the trip, except:

  • I’m glad I took the beginner classes first. The hour or so really helped, I think.

Quick beginner's lesson on how to snowboard

Quick beginner's lesson on how to snowboard

Quick beginner's lesson on how to snowboard

Getting the hang of it...

  • I was freezing cold most of the time. But, when am I not?
  • Snowboarding for the first time was exhausting. Falling, having to stand back up, over and over. I started crying a couple of times because I was too exhausted to stand back up and I thought I’d end up stranded on the mountain and they’d have to come rescue me.

It was exhausting

  • That said, snowboarding was really fun, when I was actually able to go downhill without falling for more than 10 seconds.





  • Will was way better at it than I was — he had snowboarded before. Look at him trying to impress me 🙂

  • We had good snow and it even started snowing while we were on the slopes.

Bunny slopes




  • The views were beautiful!

Beautiful views from Snow Summit

  • All in all, good times were had by all. I would definitely try snowboarding again.







See all my photos from our Snow Summit trip here.

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