Candid shots of Seoul this week

Having a relative visit us here in Seoul has (thankfully) forced me out of the apartment this week. Here are a few candid shots from the last few days I thought you might enjoy:

Hadn’t seen this part of Incheon International Airport before. Pretty futuristic looking. 

Incheon International Airport

Came across this demonstration on the one-year anniversary of the deadly Sewol ferry disaster (must watch video — so many people!).

Demonstrations 2

Pretty cherry blossoms … can’t say where 😛 




It’s not uncommon to see subway passengers sleeping. It’s almost an art form here. But this poor guy was so exhausted, he kept falling sideways and even forward at one point! His fellow passengers were not amused.

Asleep on the train

Went to this sushi place after reading an article about how good it is … not quite. We finished off this plank and left! The presentation is nice, though. Too bad.


After leaving the sushi place, we wandered into this Korean BBQ place and enjoyed some delicious pork neck.


I’d never noticed these directional signs in Gwanghwamun before. Very cute. Gosh, we’re so far from home. (Home’s not listed here, but still.)

Directional signs in Gwanghwamun

Today we headed to Gyeongbokgung Palace, which I first visited back in November when it was adorned with fall colors. I loved seeing it with cherry blossoms and the greens and pinks of spring this time around. Still my favorite of Seoul’s palaces.











Gyeongbokgung Palace

That’s it for now!

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