Springtime in Bukchon Hanok Village

Spring has finally arrived in Seoul. The temps have miraculously, overnight, shot up to the 50s, 60s, even 70 this weekend. Woo! Thought the warm weather might never come.

The sunny weather on Saturday was perfect for taking Will to see the Bukchon Hanok Village, which he hadn’t been to yet. I didn’t take many photos, since I took so many last time, but here are a few new shots below. It was SO busy! Way busier than when I went in November, but it makes sense. The warm weather has drawn everyone out. We ate some of that amazing shaved sorbet at Savoureux, walked past a cute flower shop, discovered one of many handmade jewelry shops in Samcheon-dong — Eunnamu — with some beautiful pieces, and ventured through the many walkways and narrow streets of Bukchon. 

I really love the rustic doors of the hanok — they’re all different and unique — and I was excited to spot different ones this time around. We also stumbled upon the Dalzip Hanok Guesthouse, which I believe is one of several in the area.

It was a quick return to Bukchon, but enjoyable yet again. I’m looking forward to seeing this city green, blooming and in all its glory. Cherry blossoms are blooming soon, too! Stay tuned for more.

Madang Flower Shop


Eunnamu handmade jewelry shop



Hanok homes





Dalzip Hanok Guesthouse

Book Chon-i Picture Book Gallery & Book Cafe


31 Gahoe-dong

Welcoming Hanok figurines



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