The Skies and Seas of 63 Building

Happy March, everyone!

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. It’s mainly because I finally reached my 3GB storage limit on WordPress, so I had to find another way to still be able to share all my photos with you. Kind of a pain…but I’ll save that for perhaps another blog post.

Now, to the 63 Building. It’s basically a skyscraper across the Han River that has an observation deck on the 60th floor with some great, 360-degree views of Seoul. It has a few other hidden gems, too. For example, the observation deck doubles as an art gallery called “63 Sky Art.” They’re currently exhibiting “Cinderella,” (through Mar. 22), which is split into four parts or themes: Mouse, Pumpkin, Clock and Shoes. Pretty interesting, if you like art at all. 🙂 There’s a nice cafe on that floor if you want to sit and enjoy the views for a while.

63 Building

View of Seoul from 63 Building observation deck

They had a Cinderella exhibit.

One of the pieces in the "Mouse" part of the exhibit

Selfie from 60 floors up.

Gallery and views.

For a closer look.

You didn’t think those were the only photos I took, did ya? This is the point at which I tell you that, to see more photos, you’ll have to visit my Flickr page. Sorry!

In addition to the observation deck/art gallery, they also have an aquarium on the building’s lower level called “63 Seaworld.” According to the pamphlet, you’ll find more than 20,000 of 4,000 kinds of “marine lives in harmony” here. Haha. Truth is, it’s an OK aquarium. But it’s small, and some of the tanks and exhibits are kind of depressing (as in you feel bad for the animals). You won’t find any large sharks, or sting rays, or hippos here. The largest animals they have are the seals and sea lions. And actually, I managed to catch the Super Sea Lion Show and it was pretty darn fun. Good tricks! Including one sea lion singing and dancing to “Gangnam Style.” Kid you not. Just watch the video below. The otters were cute, too, but definitely hungry.

Entrance to 63 Seaworld.



Spotted seals.

Their big fish tank.


Lastly, the 63 Building also houses a Wax Museum and an Art Hall (with an IMAX theater & musical performance hall). If you’re planning on heading there, note: you can’t get there by train alone. Take the subway Line 1 to Daebang Station, exit 6. I almost got lost here because I didn’t realize I needed to take a bus, except a nice lady who spoke English offered to help. She showed me the row of buses lined up outside the station, and got me on city bus 11. For the return, the 63 Building has its own fleet of free shuttles to take you back to Daebang Station (it’s the first stop — get off there! Even though it looks like just a random street corner.) Anyway, here are some directions on their site as well.

Up next, a little adventure to Hongdae with my friend, featuring some delicious tacos and the Hello Kitty Cafe. And don’t forget to check out my Flickr page for lots more photos!

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