Capturing the Colorful Ihwa Mural Village

Almost three months into our stay here, and we’re still discovering new things to see. I love it! I found out about the mural village in Ihwa-dong while perusing through my Hallyu Official Tourist Guide. (“Hallyu” is basically Korea’s version of “Hollywood,” as in their pop culture including movies, TV dramas, music, games, etc.)

The Ihwa village is located on the slopes of Mt. Naksan, actually right by Naksan Park. As part of a project in 2006 to revitalize the neighborhood, 60 local artists painted murals and installed artwork, including sculptures, throughout the village. Today, visitors can explore the hills, narrow steps and walkways of the residential neighborhood and appreciate the colorful creations — all for free.

BTW The reason this is a Hallyu site is because it was one of the locations where Rooftop Prince (2012) was filmed.

We spent a couple hours walking around. It was fun, but as often happens, you have to navigate around many other tourists trying to snap pictures of the same murals. People even form lines to get their picture taken at several of them. As with the Bukchon Hanok Village, there are also signs here asking visitors to be quiet and considerate of the local residents.

If you like cheap dates, taking long walks, exploring new neighborhoods, and checking out colorful street art, then don’t miss out on this tucked-away gem.


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