Korean Folk Village – a journey back in time

I feel like I’m slacking on my blog posts. Sorry, guys. Where does the time go?

Last weekend we traveled out of Seoul — I think, technically — to Yongin to visit the Korean Folk Village. We took the train to Sinnonhyeon Station (exit 6), and walked a bit to catch Express Bus 5001-1 to the park. Yes, it’s a park, a theme park re-creation of a Joseon Dynasty-era village.

We expected the weather to be warmer but no such luck. It was SO cold! Amazingly enough, there were still plenty of other tourists at the Korean Folk Village. The place is enormous, 245 acres to be exact. There’s a pretty river flowing through it, and mountains behind it, and lots of trees (which are unfortunately bare right now!). You can see and walk through many different types of traditional Korean houses — including a nobleman’s mansion, a large landowner’s house, a farmer’s house, a mountain village home, and traditional homes from Jeju island and Ullung island.

You can explore places like the pottery workshop, the mask dance exhibition hall, a buddhist temple, a musical instruments shop (featuring bamboo flutes), an area where they film many popular Korean historical dramas, and they have other interactive things for kids like making paper lanterns and kites or experiencing ancient punishment and torture techniques at the local government office (not kidding, see pics). The ferry boat rides and traditional wedding ceremony were not taking place when we went.

It’s nice to walk around and see and learn about the different buildings and structures, but I think the main highlights of the park are the traditional folk art performances that take place throughout the day. These include tightrope walking and acrobatics, horseback riding featuring fancy martial arts moves, and farmer’s music and dance. The crowds love these, and they truly were fun to watch. The performers made everything look easy! I’ll leave you with videos and pics below — LOTS of them.

Oh, lastly, there’s an amusement park next door (separate admission fee) for kids.

Tightrope walking video 1:

 Tightrope walking video 2: 

Horseback riding show:

Farmer’s music and dance show:

Farmer’s dance video 2:



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