A Night at The Ballet

Here’s another event I found out about in 10 Magazine, and I’m so glad I did! The Nutcracker, performed by the Universal Ballet — one of Korea’s top ballet companies, founded in 1984 — at the Universal Arts Center in Seoul.

We just got our tickets a week ago and still managed to get pretty good seats, reasonably priced (it helps they have a 20% “expats and tourists” discount). I’ve been so excited.

The theatre itself is beautiful, as you can see in the pics below. The seats are a little tight, if you will, so everyone pretty much sat with their bags and coats in their laps (you can pay to check your coat, too). But because it’s a small theatre, it seems like most seats in the house have good views. Before the performance, they had a life-size Nutcracker and Mouse King walking around the lobby for photo-ops.

I absolutely enjoyed the entire show and smiled in my seat the whole time. The sets were beautiful and the transitions from one scene to the next flowed perfectly. The young (kid) dancers were really good, especially the girl who played young Clara. The Pine Forest scene was breathtaking, magical. Probably my favorite. The ballerina who played the Sugar Plum Fairy was fantastic.

I’m not saying the show was flawless — at times the dancers weren’t quite in unison, and one little girl fell near the beginning. But overall, it was lovely and entertaining. They also unveiled a special surprise for the audience at the end. I highly recommend it to anyone visiting Seoul during Christmas.

Oh, and one more thing. If you’re a foreigner in Korea looking to meet other foreigners, this is the place to be. Just sayin’. There were many … non-Asians there! Haha.

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