Where to go for spectacular views of Seoul

For my birthday this weekend, Will took me to some of the best spots for viewing Seoul at night. It was 19 degrees out and we were on foot, of course, but we like adventures!

We started with a tasty (and fancy) dinner at Top Cloud Restaurant, which is located on the 33rd floor of the very modern and cool-looking Jongno Tower. They have a buffet option, or regular dining option. We picked dining, which apparently consists of a French cuisine. (They also had live music.) The food was “different,” but tasty like I said. My first time eating oyster…ah! Our starters also included lobster carpaccio (aka raw) and some other seafood, was hard to tell what was what on the plate. The meal was great, the views were amazing and Will surprised me with chocolate cake. He knows me.

From there, Will took me for a ride on the Namsan Cable Car, which runs from the base of Mt. Namsan to the base of N Seoul Tower. (You can also hike up there.) The views from the cable car were beautiful, so you can imagine the views from the observation deck of N Seoul Tower! The tower itself is about 237 meters, but it sits on Mt. Namsan, which is about 243 meters tall. You can see the tower from almost everywhere you go in Seoul. There are some eateries and shops at the base of the tower, which is also where you buy your tickets for the observation deck. A quick elevator ride later, you’re up there taking in the nighttime panoramic views of the city. It was breathtaking to see all the lights, and all the bridges crossing the Han River.

FYI, there are a couple restaurants up in the tower: an upscale, revolving restaurant (apparently you have to make reservations at least one month out), or a more affordable stationary restaurant. I’m sure we will be back to the tower someday, if only to see the views during daytime.


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